Antifouling without biocides

For sailing yachts and motor boats

Traditional antifouling paint is highly toxic and has a short-term effect. Finsulate is different. Thanks to a unique foil with billions of hairs, water and boat work together to prevent fouling.

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“I really enjoyed this innovative antifouling product this year
had no significant growth. Just some slime, which is easy to get rid of.

While in the unprotected areas a lot of mussels grew quickly. An additional proof of the strong antifouling properties! I am very happy that I chose your product, especially since I now do not have to do any maintenance in winter. "

Owner of a Dehler S
Sails on salt water in the Netherlands

Winner of:

European Inventor Award



Inspired by sea urchins

Combating fouling

A clean ship is susceptible to biological growth without protection. Within a short time it grows full of mussels, algae, and other organisms. In the past, ships were therefore treated with toxic antifouling paint. Due to the heavy environmental pollution this causes, this is increasingly under pressure.

Isolate the hull

Spines are often used in nature as a defense mechanism. Consider, for example, echinoids that remain free of fouling and are not eaten. The Finsulate® protective film insulates the hull by using such spines. This makes the attachment of algae, mussels and other organisms virtually impossible. The hull is “insulated”, as it were. If fouling does occur, it can only attach to the tips of the spines and can then simply be wiped away in the water.

Long-term protection

Due to its physical nature, Finsulate provides long-term protection, works while sailing and when the ship is stationary. With a service life of at least five years, annual maintenance costs are saved. And that without environmental damage!

Finsulate works on all waters

43 / 5000 Vertaalresultaten From arctic Norway to tropical Florida

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  1. In order to be able to give a 5-year warranty, good adhesion of Finsulate foil to the hull is of course essential. This adhesion is optimal on a bare underwater hull with 1 layer of epoxy.
  2. Finsulate film can only be applied by our trained employees, applicators or maintenance yards.
  3. The price indication you will receive includes labor, material and VAT, but excludes the removal of old anti-fouling paint layers.

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