About Finsulate Antifouling

Finsulate is a typical Dutch maritime invention and has been applied to yachts and vessels on every continent. Ranging from small sloops and day sailers up to offshore support vessels and dry weight bulkers. The Finsulate concept works in any environment and is up to any challenge!

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The Finsulate Concept

Without antifouling, any surface in water, like ship hulls and offshore constructions, will foul with algae, mussels and barnacles.

Traditional antifouling paints are highly toxic and very harmful to the environment. Finsulate offers an environmental friendly solution to the fouling challenge.

Inspiration for Finsulate

Nature is a source of technological developments in many cases. For Finsulate, the spines of the Sea Urchin were the inspiration. Rik Breur was elected European Inventor of the Year 2019 with this concept.

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Finsulate reviews and experiences

Independent research shows the effectiveness of Finsulate

Every year, yachts are painted again and again. Besides the biocides, where does the paint go? Exactly into our precious oceans!

That has to change, but what are the alternatives? Milieucentraal has investigated the alternatives.

Finsulate lifespan

What is the realistic lifetime of Finsulate? We warrant 5 years, yet in practice we already show longer lifespans are possible. One of the first boats that we applied Finsulate to, is sailing in the Zaanstreek (NL). Meanwhile, Robbert has enjoyed Finsulate for 7 years (since 2014). In case the film needs tob e replaced, it is possible with a steam cleaner or with hot air. Once the old film is removed, Finsulate can directly be renewed.

Cleaning Finsulate

The Finsulate surface consists of very fine fibers. The fibers are so close together that organisms cannot get in between. As nature is strong, fouling can occur eventually on top of the fibers. This fouling is easily cleaned off.
This Dehler sailboat is high pressure washed before winter storage.

Five years sailing with Finsulate

Applying antifouling paint with mouth cap, a bloom of toxic paint when you want to remove some fouling in the water, this must change! For many boat owners the environment is a large factor when selecting Finsulate. The additional benefit of the longevity is a second strong argument. At least 5 years of no sanding and painting, we talked to mr. De Vries about his experiences.

Finsulate experience with “drying out”

The Finsulate film is stronger than you might think. Lifting and resting on stands are no problem. And if a damage occurs, you can easily repair by yourself. In case of drying out, sharp objects can of course damage the film like it would with regular paint. Ineke Dicker dries out regularly in the Wadden Sea. After the sailing season they make a small repair job on the hull.

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