The Seagrade variant was developed for prevalent use in salt waters. However, it also is efficient in freshwater areas. Finsulate Seagrade will have maximum antifouling efficiency. Barnacles, plume worms or other marine on-growth is prevented. And should some of these appear on the hull of your yacht, because your yacht was not moved for extended periods of time, then they’ll be quite easy to remove.

Suitable for

Yachts & Boats

Product Description

Physical fouling-deterring wrap supplied as pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

Intended Uses

To insulate surfaces exposed to marine environments like ship hulls or floating structures from fouling.

Product Information
Product construction Self adhesive wrap consisting of backing paper, pressure sensitive adhesive, carrier film and antifouling layer: - Backing: siliconized paper - Pressure sensitive adhesive: modified acrylic - Carrier film: polyester film - Antifouling layer: cured acrylic adhesive with embedded nylon fibers Color: Black