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The Seagrade variant was developed for prevalent use in salt waters. However, it also is efficient in freshwater areas. Finsulate Seagrade will have maximum antifouling efficiency. Barnacles, plume worms or other marine on-growth is prevented. And should some of these appear on the hull of your yacht, because your yacht was not moved for extended periods of time, then they’ll be quite easy to remove.


Pleasure Craft, Yachts And Vessels

Antifouling wrap


The Finsulate Lakegrade variant was developed mainly for freshwater areas, with occasional stays in salt waters. Here, the biggest challenge is to prevent the on-growth of mussels and algae. And in (mountain) lakes, accumulation of chalk was another impact factor to consider. The Lakegrade version will prevent most of these types of on-growth. And in cases where you do find some on-growth on the hull, just brush it off or apply some high pressure water.

The Lakegrade variant would also be our recommendation if you plan to cruise occasionally in salt water, too, for several weeks at a time.


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After 3 seasons in use, I can state that the product works well and it looks like it will work for the years to come. Next year we go to fresh water (Danube to NL). Let’s see what happens then. I wish you luck with your business!

Owner – Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean

Antifouling wrap


Finsulate Speedgrade was developed for planing yachts and for commercial speed vessels. Speedgrade, as the name suggests, is optimized for speed. Which entails that this product variant may get some on-growth of organisms, especially in salty waters. However, that on-growth will be quite light and easily removable with the tools delivered: Either in the water or when lifting the yacht out of the water, then by using a high-pressure cleaner.


Yachts And Speedboats



  • San Diego (California, USA)
  • Salt water
  • Planing mode, up to 20kt
  • Sailing frequency: 10-20 times per season

Product: Finsulate® Easy Clean Wrap
End of season maintenance: Monthly Cleaned with soft Scotch Brite pads in Summer time, bimonthly in wintertime, no fouling present.

Customer has saved on diving cost and has already saved one antifouling application.

Antifouling wrap

Seagrade EL

Seagrade EL was developed for ships and other structures which have to stay in the water for more than 5 years. For instance offshore constructions, FPSO (floating production storage and offloading) vessels or big cargo ships. Seagrade EL can also be a suitable antifouling version for catamarans which have few occasions for dry docking.

Seagrade EL can reach a lifespan of 20 years.


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