Antifouling Reinvented

Today, conventional antifoulings are trying to prevent marine growth by use of toxic ingredients in the paint. Always with the same effect: short period of performance and the vessel needs a certain speed and continuous movement.

Finsulate shows there is a simpler and safer solution, leaving paints behind!

Finsulate products are suitable for all circumstances worldwide, whether you are moored or sailing. That’s what we call: Antifouling Reinvented! Finsulate is a self-adhesive film and not a paint. The film or “wrap” is applied to the hull of the vessel.

Finsulate antifouling is patented worldwide and has won the Dutch Innovation Award 2014 with its Micanti brand.

Professional versus recreational use

Finsulate is the new name in the market for antifouling products. It is a brand name dedicated to pleasure craft business and the products are optimized for this purpose. For professional craft, we sell the product under the brandname Micanti Antifoulling. If you are a professional vessel owner or operator, please refer to the Micanti website

Various circumstances require various products

Finsulate has realized that depending on the circumstances, the requirements for hull protection vary. Some ships need to lay moored for long times, other are used frequently and don’t experience fouling. That’s why Finsulate has optimized its products for different circumstances. Speed optimization for frequent sailing ships; antifouling optimization for frequently moored ships and when speed optimization is important and long mooring times are only occasional, a speed optimization combined with cleanibility is possible.


100% evironmental friendly

Finsultate is the only truly environmental friendly antifouling in the world! Finsulate doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. Finsulate consists of a nylon fiber, polyester film and a two-component water based adhesive.

fa-check-white_side 100% environmental friendly

Who we are

Finsulate is a Dutch company that invented an antifouling free from toxic substances. Originally, Finsulate is a spin off of Delft University of Technology. During his PhD, Dr. Rik Breur studied the settlement mechanisms of marine species like mussels and barnacles. Based on the basic knowledge – pointing to the need of fouling species to settle on a location where enough space to grow exists – he started to develop surfaces that inherently miss these locations. A fiber technology based on electrostatic flocking emerged and this technology grew during the past years. Key to the success is to apply the fibers to a carrier film to ease the application to the ships.

Originally, Finsulate has been focusing on the professional shipping market, where the product is sold as Micanti Antifouling. During commercialization in the professional shipping, the steps needed to enter the pleasure craft business have been carried out and based on the results, since 2017 Finsulate is also available for pleasure craft, with the much larger need for environmentally friendly products: no yacht owner pollutes the environment for fun!

Curious how much you can save on your fouling costs?

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